Hi, we're Collective

COLLECTIVE is a subsidiary of Miami based &gallery. We work closely with designers, developers and collectors alike. We've selected a handful of artists within our network to launch this new sales platform and extend the works we have the privilege of accessing beyond our network's standard scope.

Our mission is to give the artists we present on our site the opportunity for exposure beyond the limitations of the gallery walls. 

We'll be launching multiple rounds of new artist additions to the shop every few weeks. Be sure to follow along on Instagram: @collectiveart.online and on this blog as we roll out new content.

If you're an artist seeking to participate in this program, head to our artist submissions page: ARTIST SUBMISSIONS


What We Do

Artist Studio Concept Design + Programming

The Collective team understands how artists operate and what kind of resources are needed for them to comfortably create new works. It’s important to incorporate amenities and a sense of community within a price point that artists can commit to when conceiving a space for them.  We also understand real estate and the ideal economics for artists studios to elevate the capacity to create income in commercial space.  The Collective team can establish a fundamental vision for the development and use of commercial space as artist studios.


Purchasing + Commissions Management 

Sourcing art and installations is no easy task. Collective takes advantage of our extensive knowledge, experience, and wide network within the art community to ensure collaborative relationships and provide opportunities for custom-sourced commissions. Wherever a project is located and whatever the scope, our team has a network of creators, artisan builders and designers to bring visions to life. 


Fabrication Management

Understanding the process from both the technical and creative perspectives, we oversee the framing and fabrication processes in our projects. &contract employs local framing studios that our team can oversee and manage. In this network, fabrication of displays and installation materials are sourced and created. 


Installation Management

Collective arranges and oversees the delivery and installation of all art work, hiring professional and insured fine art shippers and installers as needed. 


Sales Management

Collective utilizes online sales platforms to expose works for sale to the market. Collective will manage secondary market sales along with sale of new works by &gallery’s affiliated artists and exhibitions.