Artist Spotlight: Ivette Lopez


Ivette Lopez was born in Houston, TX and raised in Miami, FL. Coming from a lineage of Cuban decent and growing up in an unstable household, art was a form of expression for Lopez-- a way to release her emotions and let go-- however, she was discouraged from pursuing art as a career by her family.  Lopez distanced herself from painting and spent the majority of her career in the fashion industry. It was not until when the pandemic started in the year 2020 that Lopez began painting again and realized that it was her true passion. 

Ivette is driven by her freedom and fulfillment. In the past, she heavily used charcoal;  she gravitated towards mediums and styles where she could use her hands and feel free to move and be creative. More recently, Lopez has utilized acrylic paint in order to continue to use her hands, but also because the paint dries quickly and allows her to layer. Lopez’s preferred style is abstract because she is able to translate the emotions she has at the moment on her piece. It is through painting that the artist feels fulfilled and able to express herself to the world. 

Lopez realized doing what makes you happy and brings you peace is what should be focused on in our lifetimes. Her biggest inspiration is life itself and living it to the fullest. After many years of not feeling fulfilled in her career, Lopez is still developing her practice; she likes honest art, using a lot of texture, and fluorescents, but she is still experimenting with different tools and techniques. 

Lopez channels her current emotions to choose the material she uses. Typically gravitating to brushes, crayons, and scrapers. Lopez believes, “The bigger the better” and declines the feeling of confinement in her work. The first step in most works by the artist is writing on the canvas directly -- this is a form of journaling. A piece can take Lopez between a week to two months to complete depending on how big the project is and when she feels the works have gotten to their completed phase. 

Lopez hopes that people are able to feel the passion in her paintings and that it can represent something meaningful in their life. 


My name is Ivette Lopez, and I am an artist. I focus on abstract art because I love to be able to express myself freely, and I feel as though abstract is what allows me to do that. I am of Cuban descent and grew up in Miami, FL. Since I was young, I painted and had a very creative side, but as I got older, I put painting aside and went into fashion. I made the choice to put art on the back end and focus on providing for my family. I always knew it was my passion and what I was meant to do, but excuses always came along, and I never fully focused on it until the COVID-19 pandemic started. When I was in, I decided to just paint since I had the time, but as the days went on, I continued to paint more and more and soon realized how much I missed it. Starting in June of 2020, I decided this is what I was meant to do, and I was ready to pursue my dream. So here I am, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

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