Artist Spotlight: Vū


Khánh Nguyên Hoàng Vũ-- but they just go by Vũ-- is an artist that was born in Bien Hoa, Vietnam. Vũ currently lives and works in Miami. Vũ is a first generation Vietnamese immigrant, arriving in the United States around the age of 6 years old. 

The artist creates works ranging from paintings to installations. Space becomes time, and language becomes an image; their work opens a unique poetic vein reflecting upon the fragility and instability of our seemingly certain reality. By applying a poetic and often metaphorical language, Vũ develops forms that do not follow binary systems that we were brought up around. Their works serve as a safe space for radically honest self reflection. 

At the moment, Vū’s inspirations include spiritual practices, connecting with nature, vivid lived experiences, queer livelihood, and healing in all its forms. The artist hopes that their work offers people a moment to come back to the present moment and honestly hold space for their thoughts to flow through. They seek to create safe spaces for people to reflect, feel deeply and ask what they need to ask.

Vū works around certain themes, color schemes, and ideas. For their more intensive works, they assemble images they found or images they took themselves to form a final work. The artist finds themselves gravitating towards paints for their work as paints offer so much range for ‘mark making. Their choice of mediums and work is directly on the choice of substrate for their more intuitive works, creating marks without drawing things out beforehand. 

Vū’s practice has grown to sustain more breadth, similar ideas manifesting in themselves into a variety of mediums. Vū is motivated by living fully. The full range of human emotions informs their work and drives them to channel that energy into something tangible. Often, when Vū gets into a flow state, they feel as if a higher force is working through them. They do what they do because, intuitively, it’s the only thing that feels right.

Vu’s works are subtly commenting on social/ political issues. In the uploaded collection, Vu focuses on the value of stillness in a society that pushes for instant gratification and fast paced living.