Artist Spotlight: Richard Vergez


Richard Vergez was born in Philadelphia, PA. He is a Cuban-American visual and sound artist. Vergez has a background in Graphic Design and started as a full-time visual artist in 2010. Vergez’s graphic design and visual/audio combination are present in his hand-made collages on paper/ mixed media.  

After studying Graphic Design, Vergez worked and lived in New York as a member of the Brooklyn Collage Collective and currently resides and works in South Florida. Vergez’s works have been exhibited in MIami, Fort Lauderdale, New York,  Chicago, London, and Sydney. 

The artist draws their inspiration from the mundanity of everyday life and to break away beyond that. His primary medium is collages, preferring it as a good balance between immediacy, photography,  and the tactile painting process. Vergez favors the immediacy of collages as he feels it is fast-paced art for a fast-paced world. 

His use of imagery combines both human and technological elements, relating to the idea surrounding an evolving modern dystopian identity. Though collages are the core of Vergez’s work, over time, his pieces have been interpreted into sculptures, performances, and sound art. 

Driven by his interest to create, Vergez also draws his inspiration from surrealist art and film. He creates short surreal stories with as little material as possible. He aims to give people something to relate to in their own way, always leaving things open for interpretation, wanting to spark either sadness or laughter.  

Vergez feels his most successful pieces the quickest; sometimes it’s the happy accidents that arise from a failed experience.