Artist Spotlight: Patricia Schnall Gutierrez


Patricia Schnall Gutierrez was born in Buffalo, New York, and received a BFA from SUNY Buffalo. She continued her education at the New York Studio School. In 2007, the artist relocated to South Florida, where she currently lives and works. Schnall Gutierrez’s work has been exhibited in numerous art institutions, including but not limited to  MOCA Miami, Lowe Art Museum, YAA Museum, Patterson Museum, Burchfield Penney Art Center, MADA New Media, as well as numerous University Exhibitions, Art Fairs, and Galleries in and outside of the United States.

Schnall Gutierrez trained as a painter and therefore, drawing and painting are an integral part of how she works as an artist. Through time, she has added other mediums and developed a more conceptual approach. The multidisciplinary work of the artist includes painting, drawing, sculptural objects, performance, and installation. She draws its inspiration from the world around her;  from history, world events, books, magazine articles, and personal life experiences. Each series is generally centered around one idea and may be expressed in a variety of mediums.   

Using distinct choices of mediums that include household objects and mixed materials, Schnall Gutierrez creates an autobiographical account of the everyday, drawing the viewer into an intimate dialogue that often probes questions of gender and sexuality. By viewing the world as a woman, mother, sister, daughter, she shares a unique perspective on contemporary women and society’s most controversial issues. 

The artist hopes to ignite a thoughtful conversation with her work. She believes it is not always good  to overthink and overanalyze the world.  Schnall Guitierrez’s work has developed in the way her life changed. How one interprets the world at the ages of  20,30,40,50 (and so on) is quite different -- she has consistently been true to a practice of making art that relates to her personal life experiences at various stages of her life.  

The materials Schnall Guitierrez uses vary and are integral to the message she wants to convey. Working on a central idea, the artist often explores all different ways of talking about it.  Much of her time is devoted to the thought process, research, material preparation, trials and errors, and ultimately: the final execution of each piece.

Art is Patricia Schnall Guitierrez’s most comfortable way to communicate.  It is how she speaks to the world.  Life in her studio is wonderful, horrible, exciting, boring, frustrating, and sometimes easy. Making art is about life; without it, Schnall Guitierrez feels she would be lost.