Artist Spotlight: Jefreid Lotti


Jefreid Lotti was born in Cuba in 1989. He is a Miami-based artist and educator. In 2020, Lotti completed a residency at the UWGB, Wisconsin, culminating with his largest solo exhibition. The artist attended undergraduate school at Miami Dade College and holds an MFA degree from the University of Florida in 2013.

 In 2012 he founded Sérverus, a painting-centric project that highlighted three immigrant artists’ similarities through collaborations and exhibitions. Lotti has been exhibiting and publishing work professionally for the past eleven years. His paintings have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in museums, galleries, and public spaces in Florida and beyond. 

Primarily working with oil paints, his content derives from formal, domestic, and identity concerns. He draws his inspiration from life, basing his work on personal experiences. The artist tends to recreate objects, spaces, and sometimes people as characters of different chapters of his life in his pieces. He creates open-ended works based on those experiences; using a balance of figuration and abstraction to reveal details from said events.  

As an immigrant, Lotti has always longed to be part of a tradition. However, he often takes on each of his series a little differently using all kinds of materials and non-traditional learned methods. The medium is always adding to the content of each piece. Lotti’s work is ever changing with each new series; treating every subject matter with curiosity and with the inherent effect of learning something new in each phase of creation and challenging a new medium or hybrid way of working. Lotti’s works are often charged with historical, personal and political reference- though it’s always a balance between doing what’s natural and being uncomfortable for the artist. 

It is the artist’s hope that while viewing his work, people can take a breath and digest the content as they would a meal they are trying to savour. He doesn't want the viewer to necessarily know how or why the piece was made the way it was, however,  his hope is that they find meaning in the experience of consuming it. Lotti’s work is about taking your time and discovering what the piece unveils little by little as you give it your attention.