Artist Spotlight: Caro Tejada


Caro Tejada was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and is currently based in Miami, Florida. Formerly a classical ballerina and tour dancer, it was not until 2011 when Tejada started painting. 

Tejada’s medium is acrylic paint on canvas. Gravitating towards these mediums happened organically when a starter kit for painting was acquired for the artists’ daughter, Camila. Once Tejada grabbed those brushes and acrylic paint and discovered a great freedom and cathartic force she had not explored before. 

Working instinctively, Tejada dives into each canvas spontaneously. Oftentimes the artist will return to a completed work months later and start a new painting on top of the dried paint. This process by Tejada can be seen as several layers of paintings underneath the final version of a piece of work, which is especially noticeable in the texture. 

Tejada’s focus is mental health awareness, stressing the concept that thought patterns determine overall happiness and quality of life and that one’s ability to cope with negative emotions is crucial in navigating life. Her paintings are bright in color; alluding that looking at the bright side is a conscious choice and that one can navigate through a skillset that can be nurtured and developed. 

Tejada is the founder of Hope the Blue Robot, a collaborative art project that has the mission to inspire mental health. The project is a recipient of the MÁS grant award.This label features elements of her artwork gives awareness through applied visual arts.

Her designs feature elements of her original paintings and have been sponsored and highlighted by Nationwide and Latina Style Business Magazine. Tejada has hosted a total of 13 events in the city of Miami, including the unveiling of the first mural symbolic of mental health in collaboration with Miami legend graffiti artist Atomiko. The project’s art installations have been commissioned by the Dan Marino Foundation and displayed for commissioner Pepe Diaz and Mayor Carlos Gimenez.  Tejada has worked with children from the Chapman Partnership, the Lotus House, Ronald Mcdonald House, Urban Promise Miami, Children living in Foster Care via Florida Association For Women’s Lawyers, the Little Lighthouse Foundation, and the Gwinnett County Public Schools.

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